Key product of ByteNext

ByteNext focuses on developing Blockchain-based products, particularly AvatarArt for now.

AvatarArt ecosystem

AvatarArt ecosystem includes

  • NFT supporting system

  • Diligence experts

  • NFT auction system

  • Creative artists

  • NFT transaction system

  • Art lovers and speculators

  • 3D virtual reality space to organize exhibitions and auctions

  • A preservation center for artworks

AvatarArt’s competitors

We target a niche market to bring the highest values to the art market. Therefore, AvatarArt is positioned as a platform supporting the development of the NFT trend.

About NFT Exchange

The place where users can transact art NFT on Binance Smart Chain

About 3D virtual reality exhibitions

After artworks become NFT, they will be displayed in 3D virtual reality exhibitions with different placements. These placements are turned into NFT as well. Art owners will auction and transact with NFT to get proper placements for their artworks.

About AvatarArt DApp

We will integrate all functions of the AvatarArt ecosystem with Dapp and web3 to help users connect to Binance Smart Chain wallets.

About AvatarArt v2

We will provide you with more details at the end of 2021.