Token BNU

About token BNU

A utility token used in AvatarArt ecosystem

Total supply of token BNU?

200.000.000 BNU

Token BNU Utilities

  • Be used to join auctions and pay for NFT transactions

  • Be used to buy placements in the 3D virtual reality space to put artworks on

  • Be used to pay for authorization rights whenever each transaction is done successfully

  • Be used to create liquidity pools for the system

  • Be used to do Staking/Farming Be used to pay for fees in the ecosystem

Where can I store token BNU? which wallets?

BNU can be stored in all Binance Smart Chain supporting wallets such as Metamask, Trust Wallet

Where to do IDO

We will do IDO on‚Äč

Where to list token BNU

After IDO, you can transact token BNU on or and other exchanges which will be updated frequently.