About ByteNext

ByteNext was established in Singapore with its head office at No. 163 Tras Street, #10-5 Lian Huat Building, Singapore, Singapore, zipcode 079024. ByteNext is an ecosystem including many DAPPs with the aim of solving all problems in life by applying the preeminence of Blockchain technology, and aims at promoting Blockchain technology to be applied systematically.

About AvatarArt

AvatarArt is a platform built up by ByteNext. It supports art creators worldwide to turn their artworks into NFT on Binance Smart Chain, hold auctions and conduct transactions everywhere. AvatarArt will be the pioneering unit bringing life values to the NFT space.

What AvatarArt solves

  • NFT is now a hot trend in the Blockchain space; however, it is still very strange and hard to understand for most of the people, especially artists who cannot access this technology due to their expertise. Besides, there haven’t been any mechanisms bringing them closer to NFT.
  • Digital artworks will be tokenized as NFT and sold at unbelievable prices which are not proven, causing a great problem to this new field.
  • Opening auctions for artworks in a traditional way still has many limitations such as difficulties and risks when taking artworks to the auction halls, complex procedures and processes, wasting time and money, fake artworks, payment disputation, IP violations, etc.
  • The number of participants is limited because auctions are held locally. Besides, there are geographical barriers. Especially, the Covid-19 pandemic is preventing the globalization trend. Although we hold online auctions, it’s still hard to prove the authorization without the application of Blockchain.

AvatarArt solutions

  • ByteNext aims to build up AvatarArt with a user-friendly interface. Besides, our team will directly support users to access NFT in the simplest and fastest manner.
  • AvatarArt will establish storage and preservation centers at certain places. After the artworks are verified and stored at centers, AvatarArt will create the only NFT for each of them with the same values as the real ones. This will help NFT works have their real values.
  • All the works can be auctioned online without being taken to the auction halls because the real ones are stored at the centers and sticked with NFT codes. Besides, authorization becomes simpler thanks to applying Blockchain to auction transactions and transfer. Everyone in the world can join the auctions.

Which platform is AvatarArt built on?

AvatarArt is built on Binance Smart Chain.

Does AvatarArt support cross-chain?

As our development roadmap, in the future, AvatarArt will support Cross-chain.

ByteNext’s investors

  • Blockhunter Capital
  • Onebit Ventures
  • Basics Capital
  • HC Ventures
  • X21 Digital
  • Andromeda Research
  • VBC Ventures

AvatarArt’s advisors

Yanjie Liang - DFG

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