How to send artworks to the depository center

1. Prepare the information below:

  • Sender’s information:


Phone number


Note: You have to provide us with correct information because we will check it when you want to take the physical artwork back.

  • Information of the physical artwork:

  • Delivery information: Self-shipping or delivery service provider (name)

2. How to package the artwork:

  • We only accept the artwork which is framed and packaged carefully.

  • You are required to sign on a piece of paper and stick it with the carton when packaging.

3. Photos of the physical artwork after being packaged: Front-side, back-side, and 4 fixed corners.

4. Information of the depository center when receiving the artwork:

  • Recipient’s information:

  • Phone number:

  • Delivery address:

5. After completing all the steps above, please click “Sent” on the system.

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